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Hot Selling Horse Hair Extensions M07--'Andorra'

What do you want style of false eyelashes? Naturally? Soft? Gorgeous?Without black eyeliner? Choose us you can achieve! A newest horse hair lashes extensions can help you achieve!

Product Details

Do you want to develop your business line?

Do you want to stand at the most significant end of the trend ?  

Horse fur lashes, longer eyelash extension are coming...

Now we will introduce the natural and lightweight horse fur lashes !

Pure hand made horse fur eyelashes. Natural, velvet-glam, light weight......

A works of art...... A life style...... Live love Yumeng Lash!

Perfect, naturally and luxury look! Very high quality horse fur lashes extension ,comfortable wear, They look amazing and the band is super light weight.

The horse fur lashes are longer also give you a really sexy look and make your eyes pop!

The new horse fur lashes is perfect for going out, it's so textured, fluffy and eye catching, without looking over the top, and no any burden to your eyes! 

Do you want to get more different real horse lashes?

No problem! there are hundreds of styles for you to choose.

“I'm in love with these lashes! They're excellent quality and look so beautiful on the eyes! People stop me and ask how I got my lashes so long every time I have a pair on... ” With the improvement of living standards, people are pursuing the high quality of life. As well as the lash extensions!!!

If you are also interest in our lashes, Contact us for latest catalog any time!


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As a high-fashion leader of mink fur lashes , Our mission is to develop the most natural eyelashes !

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