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NEW Natural Looking For 3D INVISIBLE Band Mink Fur Lashes TD02--'Reykjavik'

TD02 is the natural looking eyelashes with invisible band lashes,That's solve the problem for single line, Let your eyeliner have more choices. The best real mink fur lashes you can choose.

Product Details

To be a delicate lady,

Walk at the forefront of fashion,

Do you want your eyeliner color to get more choose?

Have you been looking for a long time for the 3d mink lashes with invisible band ?

Yumeng 3D invisible band lashes are coming, How can you resist it?!  

Pure hand made real mink fur lashes.natural looking eyelashes , exquisite, winking......

A works of art...... A life style...... Live love Yumeng 3d mink lash!

3d mink lashes

Yu meng is the first manufactory who developed the invisible band for the real mink fur lashesEvery worker have over 5 years experiences for the 3d mink lashes. 

natural looking eyelashes

That's solve the problem for single line, Let your eyeliner have more choices. 

Do you want to get more different invisible band  lashes?

No problem!  there are hundreds of styles for you to choose. 

If you're searching the perfect 3D invisible band mink eyelash then look no further, Yu meng real mink fur lashes are superb!

Before to produce this kinds of lashes we have done the investigation, whatever the end-user, makeup artist, sellers are all looking for the invisible band lashes, Yes there have a great demand in the market!

Time is valuable , if you are interest,kindly pls check our samples to check your market first. 



Email: ada@yumenglashes.com

Do you want do your own brand for mink fur lashes?

Easy! Tell us your idea, our designer can help you!

Custom box are also acceptable!!!

                                                 Popular Packaging

As a high-fashion leader of real mink fur lashes , Our mission is to develop the most natural looking eyelashes ! 

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