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Longest Wispy Select 3D Silk Lashes Velour Silk Lashes Review D13--'Spain'

Our quality longest wispy select 3d silk lashes velour silk lashes review d13 is designed according the different requirement of customers. You should contact us now and get the most suitable longest wispy select 3d silk lashes velour silk lashes review d13 for yourself. I f you are an a nimal...
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If you are an animal lovers, you want to wear eyelashes. You can choose our silk eyelashes!

Because our silk eyelashes use natural material!D13.jpg

Velour false eyelashes of varying length,they can made your makeup look more naturally,charming and beautiful...


Silk lashes are thin, beautiful appearance while creating your illusion of a thicker lash line.

Name: Echo

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Silk lashes are crisscrossed and very feathery to bring a smoky effect to the lash line, They achieving a dramatic appearance that emphasizes most makeup looks.

3D Mink fur lashes.png

Mink fur lashes.jpg

mink eyelashes.jpg

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