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Not only 3D MINK FUR LASHES, it's the progress of the times
Aug 31, 2016

A new thing coming, someone will accept easily and want to try asap, but the others will wait and see before they make up the mind.I think that's very normal!

The costomer who mainly do the cosmetic business will be very known that our 3D mink fur lashes are very popular in the market now.

After our designer developed the 3D MINK FUR LASHES,there only very very small peopel to try our sampels, they have a Intuitive feeling for if its really comfortable,soft, natural material... Facts proved that they are right !

But the other customer are very confused, what is 3D ? why you use the mink fur to do lashes? they are all 100% cruelty-free for human use ... there have more and more question .

The 3D mink fur lashes change the previous concept, because we want develop more natural and real lashes which are very same with our own lashes, why you must need the Jc, c,cc, d,L curve for the lashes? that's curve maybe only suitable for the machine made lashes like synthetic fur lashes or human hair lashes. 

We are still believer when we want to blindly pursue one thing, we might as well transfer this thinking, to do the most suitable things. Our own lashes are very arbitrary ,YES the 3D mink fur lashes are coming...

All of our 3D mink fur lashes are pure hand made for every hairs. our workers are according to the human lashes to finished the 3D curve, that's the very important step. only the workers who worked about 5 years experience can have the feel how to do.this is also the reason why 3D mink fur lashes are very charming...

That's can perfect fusion with our own lashes, I think the customer who wear our lashes will have experienced the same thing, someone will ask for you ,

A: Your lashes are very natural where are you grown??? 

B:No, I just wear the false lashes...

A:Wow that's very natural , its same as your own lashes, may I know which lashes are you wear?

B:Yes dear...

If you also want to try our mink fur lashes, pls let me know. ada@beauty-imexport.com