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3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale D661

When I first came in contact with waterproof mink eyelashes, I was incredible. This is incredible! In order to verify it, we did a series of tests. At first. Put the 3D mink lashes into the water for a time,then take it out. The lashes are the same as before. The next , When we go swimming, I...
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Today,I talk with a customer who want to start her own lashes business.

She see some different lashes sample from the different company.then she compare and 

very love our lashes.She go to talk with me,they said she want lower price and very 

care abou the price.

As a partener,I told to her,expect the price,the price is very important for the business

grow up.Meanwhile the price is equal with the quality.Yumenglashes also hope every customer

can sale our lashes in them area,they win,then we win.So we don't have reason to give them 

unreasonable price.How do you think?Working-procedures.jpgcontact-us.jpg

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