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Newest Mink False Eyelashes Real Mink Eyelashes Wholesale D602--'Gyor'

The staffs have rich experience in practice. Every staff have more than five years working experience on made mink fur lashes.

Product Details

Do you know about 3D mink lashes ? Do you know how to create 3D mink eyelashes ?

Yes, We are the factory create the 3D mink lashes. At first, there are many human hair lashes and synthetic lashes in the market.Our factory manager think the human hair can’t meet people’s needs.The human hair don’t have strip and not natural. That can’t perfect fusion your own eyelashes. So She started to find the best material.Such like cat hair, dog hair and horse hair ...After hundreds of experiment, She find the best material is mink fur! Then we use the 3D technology to do the 3D mink lashes! That’s can meet any needs.Now The 3D mink lashes are well known in the world as its velvet-like appearance, soft band , Light weight and long lasting curve! 

To be a delicate lady, 

Walk at the forefront of fashion, 

Never miss to choose a super quality eyelashes! 

Yumeng 3D mink lashes designed for you, How can you resist it?! 

Pure hand made mink eyelashes. Natural, exquisite, winking......

A works of art...... A life style...... Live love Yumeng mink lash!

3D Mink lashes

It's beautiful; natural looking yet dramatic; comfortable; Gorgeous mink lashes !!!

3D Mink lashes

Every pair real mink eyelashes look flawless and perfect for any occasion!

3D Mink lashes  

When you wear so many times you will find that the mink false eyelashes are great that give you a really sexy look and make your eyes pop. 



We are the manufacture specializing in mink eyelash wholesale from China.

The concept of 3D lashes are created and developed by us.Now our 3D mink lashes are sold very well 

abroad, Many famous brand mink lash companies such as lilly lashes, velour lashes, Huda lashes, Lash 

dubai..... all cooperating with us for many years. 

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