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The Most Popular Style of Wholesale False Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes D727--'Kaifan'

To be a delicate lady, Walk at the forefront of fashion, Never miss to choose a super quality eyelashes! Yumeng 3D mink lashes designed for you, How can you resist it?! Pure hand made mink eyelashes. Natural, exquisite, winking...... A works of art...... A life style...... Live love Yumeng mink...
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In this era of rapid Internet development,a lot of things are being spread quickly,some news spring up ,of course,some imitation also come up!

People don't seem to know how to judge the quality of the product only check the picture.


Every thing you must check by yourself!

Yumenglashes no MOQ for your order,we suggest you check the samples first and make sure you love this style.

3D Mink lashes

If you real like lashes and just wear yourself,don't consider too many factors besides eyelashes,just care about lashes is enough.

If you want to sell lashes,Indeed, there are many factors that need you to consider......

3D mink fur lashes


3D Mink lashes


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