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100% Pure Handmade Customized 3D Mink Lashes

100% Pure Handmade Customized 3D Mink Lashes
3D real mink fur lashes Very Soft and Fluffy
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Now,the life standard are increasing.People want to become more and more beautiful.What's most beautiful?The most beautiful is suitable for you!So the yumenglashes lauch the 100% pure hand made customized package.One eye shape with one 3d mink lashes style.

D710 is special design for upturned eye.downturned eye.D710 is a natural style.the feature is shorter in the coner,then longer and longer..It also have some small crosscover,it make the false eyelashes more flexiable.When you wear it,it can longer your eyeliner and make your eye more big.the small crosscover also can make your eye more mysterious. 

If you have any idea about the 100% Pure Handmade Customized 3D Mink Lashes,pls email our your idea.

The website also will launch more beautiful cudtomized 3d mink lashes,pls be attention!




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