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3D Natural Mink Fur Eyealshes

the 3d natural mink lashes will give you more natural feel.Let you love this natural feel!
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Product Details

As for the shape and texture of this lashes, it's gorgeous!!This style sales very well and our stylists highly recommend !!!

“I always get compliments when I have them on and I highly recommend them. I will say that the lash band is pretty thick compared to what I'm used to , I like Yumeng mink fur lashes ”----Julie Said.Instead of looking up, it is better to try by yourself !!!

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With its unique combination of criss-cross and straight stranda.these gorgeous mink offer a balanced yet ultra-sexy look this irresistible pair is a definite must have in every girls collection.

3d Natural Mink Fur Eyealshes is same technology with 3D mink fur lashes, the 3d natural mink fur eyelashes curves aren't more as the 3d mink fur lashes.when you wear it.3d natural mink fur eyelashes is more natural.the 3d mink fur lashes have a little dramatic.


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